Healing Pretty

The complete guide to help women prepare for

and get through cancer treatment with comfort, confidence and dignity.

Endorsed by medical professionals, Healing Pretty© tells you what to expect every step of the way and provides tips and resources to help you deal with the side effects. Learn about hair loss, post-surgical healing bras, radiation burn creams, surgery reconstruction options, comfort and fashion accessories, and more


The pages are filled with vibrant colors and original artwork, infused with quotes from
celebrity cancer survivors, making Healing Pretty a beautiful gift.


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"Healing Pretty is a wonderful and informative resource for our patients. Thank you for this work, Jackie."

Monica Staley-Liang


Regional Vice President Cancer Services, Windsor Regional Hospital

Tracy Stevens

Cancer Warrior

"Where do I go from here, what information do I need, how do I go about finding it? Healing Pretty brought peace to my troubled mind, providing information and resources such as prosthetics, wig options, websites, and products to ease my way on this journey. Plus the many women who so graciously share their stories, and so much more. Thank you Jackie, for empowering all the women who will read this book."

“Healing Pretty is a heartwarming, inspiring, and uplifting read. It’s easy to understand, with great tips to keep women feeling beautiful during their battle with cancer. The attention to sanitation and preventing infection made me confident that I can recommend this to my patients. Thank you, Jackie, for helping women find strength and camaraderie when they need it most.”

 Jennifer Nadalin


Warrior Survivor


"Healing Pretty was the best gift I received during my treatment. I was terrified of what I found on the internet. This book kept it simple and to the point without all the medical terms and confusing lingo. It was light reading so I could read while waiting for appointments and it gave me all the tools I needed to help me though my treatment process.”


—  Rachel Spadotto 

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