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About Healing Pretty 


Your doctors will take care of the cancer. It’s time for you to take care of you.

Healing Pretty is a warm, inspirational, and practical guide that will show you exactly how to do that, so you can strut down this unexpected path in your life with confidence, dignity, beauty, and self-love.

Healing Pretty takes away the fear of the unknown and gently guides you on everything from hair, to skincare, to make-up, to health, to sex, to exercise, to the ultimate in treatment-friendly beautiful clothing and accessories. You will get a real picture of what to expect pre- and post-surgery, and all the best options available to comfortably get you through the side-effects.


Healing Pretty is a compilation of lessons learned, expert advice, invaluable tools, handy resources, inspirational words, and personal stories for the ultimate head-to-toe guide to self-care, well-being, and empowerment while you face cancer.

Healing Pretty's 236 pages are filled with vibrant colours and original artwork and infused with quotes from celebrity cancer survivors. At 9"x 6", it's the perfect size for a purse or tote bag.

The first edition of Healing Pretty (2016) sold coast-to-coast in Canada and the United States. A new and updated edition was released in August 2020 and has sold world-wide.

Gold Winner of the 2021 Living Now Book Awards. 


“When I heard Jackie was writing a comprehensive book to help women cope with cancer, I was thrilled, as I knew there was no such book or resource anywhere. This book is a much-needed and welcome tool to help women get through cancer treatment with comfort and dignity.”


– Cathy Mombourquette, former Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program Patient-Centred Care Lead, and Patient & Family Advisory Council Chair

“Healing Pretty is FABULOUS! It will definitely be my go-to gift for women going through cancer treatment. It is so practical and well laid out! Congratulations to all involved!”


–Karen Metcalfe, Associate Director, Windsor Cancer Research Group

“This is the best gift you can get someone with cancer. I gave a pre-release copy to my girlfriend who was just diagnosed. Healing Pretty helped her every day in her struggle to understand her life now, and helped her get back her self-esteem and self-worth.”


- Catherine Murphy

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