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Taking Control Of Your Well-Being Through Cancer Treatment

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

A cancer diagnosis is shocking. And everything changes, fast. Your life is suddenly in the hands of others and you’re overwhelmed with everything, all at once. You’re forced into a hellish vortex and you don’t have a clue how to fight the battle. Not only are you faced with this life-altering news, you’re bombarded with information overload, paperwork, appointments, treatment plans and so much more. You feel like you’re losing control, and you’re overcome with anxiety and fear of what‘s coming.

My name is Jackie and I’m the author of Healing Pretty. I’ve had the privilege to work with thousands of women newly diagnosed with cancer.

My mission is to help ease your anxiety and to take control of the side-effects of cancer treatment. My blogs will provide information and the tools you need to help you maintain who you are throughout treatment. While your medical team is working diligently on making you well, my goal is to help you feel comfortable, confident, and in control along the way.

I’ve dedicated the past several years of my life putting together all the information you need. I began in 2015, but due to personal issues - illnesses and deaths of loved ones - I put my project on hold, but always kept it close to my heart. The 2nd edition of Healing Pretty will be released in spring 2020.

I’m here to provide information, and I also welcome thoughts and suggestions from everyone who would like to share.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • questions to ask your medical team

  • before treatment begins: helpful tips and how to prepare

  • how to feel more comfortable after surgery

  • what to expect from hair loss and tips to help you

  • how to recognize and treat side-effects caused by chemo and radiation treatment

  • treatment-friendly fashion & accessories

  • the importance of healthy hygiene

  • makeup tips and tricks

  • skin and nail care

  • tips for healthy and safe sex

  • keeping healthy and active with exercise

There’s so much to discuss, and I’m looking forward to starting this journey with you.

if you’d like to write a guest blog, that would be wonderful. Please get in touch with me here.

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Thank you Jackie. I know your blog will be very helpful to so many women. 💕

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