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Aya Covers: PICC Line Covers

Chemo Beanies

Coolibar: Sun Protective Clothing

Cool-jams: Moisture-Wicking Sleepwear and Bedding

CS: Ostomy Pouch Covers

Grandma’s Hands: Ostomy and Urostomy Covers

HAPARI: Mastectomy-Friendly Swimwear

Haralee: Moisture-wicking Sleepwear and Bedding

Healing Pretty Store:  Seat-belt Cushion for Port Comfort

HysterSister:  Woman-to-Woman Hysterectomy Support

Juzo: Compression Sleeves and Stockings

LympheDIVAs: Fashionable Compression Sleeves

Na’ Scent: Ostomy Odor Control That Works

Ostomysecrets: Flatter Me

Radiant Wrap: Fashionable Clothing During Radiation Treatment

Reboundwear: Post-Surgical Line of Tops, Jackets, Pants, and Hospital Gowns, endorsed by medical professionals.

Sleek Sleeves: PICC Line Covers

Stealth Belt:  Go Anywhere, Do Anything


Jean’s Cream

Lindi Skin:  Skin Care for Life

Ocean Bottom Soap Company: Organic and Chemical- Free Products 


NaturaLash: Eyebrow Wigs

Rapid Brow: Eyebrow enhancing serum

SurvivorEyes: Brow styling kit


American Breast Care:  Post Mastectomy Healing Kit

American Breast Care: Breast Prostheses and Bras

Healing Pretty Store: Breast Pillow


Cold Caps: Hair Loss from Chemo

Sea-band: Nausea


Artizara: Hijabs/ Islam Headwear

Envy Wigs: Envy and Sherri Shepard Wigs

Fortune Wigs:  Kosher Wigs

Headline It: No Sweat Wig Liners

Jon Renau: Wigs and Headwear

Sure Grip: Comfort Liner

Tichel Volumizer: Pre-Padded Cap

Truly You Hair Solution Centre:  Custom Made Wigs

Vivica Fox: Wigs

Wrapunzel: Tichels/Jewish Headwear