Aya Covers: PICC Line Covers


Chemo Beanies


Coolibar: Sun Protective Clothing


Cool-jams: Moisture-Wicking Sleepwear and Bedding


CS: Ostomy Pouch Covers


Grandma’s Hands: Ostomy and Urostomy Covers


HAPARI: Mastectomy-Friendly Swimwear


Haralee: Moisture-wicking Sleepwear and Bedding


HysterSisters: Woman-to-Woman Hysterectomy Support


Juzo: Compression Sleeves and Stockings


LympheDIVAs: Fashionable Compression Sleeves 


Na’ Scent: Ostomy Odor Control


Ostomy Secrets: Panties, Wraps and Swimwear


Pink Lotus: Billow Heart Breast Pillow


Pink Pepper Co: Mastectomy Chest Pillow with a Shield, U Supports and Wings


Post Op Panty: Post-Operative Compression Panties


Radiant Wrap: Fashionable Clothing During Radiation Treatment


Reboundwear: Post-Surgical Tops, Jackets, Pants, and Hospital Gowns, endorsed by medical professionals


Sleek Sleeves: PICC Line Covers


Stealth Belt: Ostomy Wraps and Belts


The Brobe: Post Recovery Attire


Vegan Ostomy: Tips, Care and Resources


Wigs to Wellness & The Mastectomy Boutique: Seat Belt Cushions


Biotene: Dry Mouth, Mouth Sores, Oral Thrush


Penguin Cold Caps: Hair Loss from Chemo


Sea-band: Nausea


Térapo Médik Well Being Care Kit: Hair and Scalp Care During and After Treatment


American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT): Sex Therapists


American Cancer Society: Sex and The Woman With Cancer


Anne Katz, Dr.: Sex Expert For People With Cancer


Astroglide: Vaginal Lubricant

K-Y SILKE-E: Vaginal Moisturizer


Livestrong: Female Sexual Health After Cancer


National Association of Social Workers (NASW): Sex Therapists


National Cancer Institute: Self Image and Sexuality


Replens Silky Smooth: Vaginal Moisturizer


Stupid Cancer: Young Adult Cancer Advocacy, Research, and Support


YES – The Organic Intimacy Company: Plant-Based Vaginal Moisturizers and Lubricants


Dermaflage Scar and Wrinkle Filler, Scar Removal Cream


Jean’s Cream: Radiation Burns


Lindi Skin: Chemo and Radiation Skincare


Mederma: Scar Cream


Ocean Bottom Soap Company: Organic and Chemical-Free Products


Scar Away: Sheets & Gels


Soap Chef: Organic and Chemical-Free Products


BeautyCounter: Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free Cosmetics


GrandeLASH-MD: Eyelash Growth Serum


LashyBrows: Eyebrow Wigs


Latisse: Eyelash Growth Serum


Look Good Feel Better Program: Beauty Techniques


NaturaLash: Eyebrow Wigs


Rapid Brow: Eyebrow Enhancing Serum


RMS Beauty: Non-Toxic, Chemical Free Cosmetics


SurvivorEyes: Brow Styling Kits


American Breast Care: Breast Prostheses, Bras, and Post Mastectomy Healing Kits


Nordstrom: Breast Prosthesis Program


Pink Perfect: Custom-Made Prosthetic Nipples


Prairie Wear: Post-Surgical Bras & Binders


Wigs to Wellness & The Mastectomy Boutique: Breast Pillows


Artizara: Hijabs/ Islam Headwear


Envy Wigs: Envy and Sherri Shepard Wigs


Fortune Wigs: Kosher Wigs


Headline It: No Sweat Wig Liners


Jon Renau: Wigs and Headwear


The Wig Fix: Gripper Band


Tichel Volumizer: Pre-Padded Cap


Truly You Hair Solution Centre: Custom Made Wigs


Vivica Fox: Wigs


Wrapunzel: Tichels/Jewish Headwear

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