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Healing Resources

A list of resources carefully curated to help you feel and look your best. Be sure to check back often. We add to this list regularly. 

Do you have something you would like to add? Please let us know! 


Anaono: Bras, Breast Forms, Apparel and More


Aya Covers: PICC Line Covers


Chemo Beanies


Coolibar: Sun Protective Clothing


Cool-jams: Moisture-Wicking Sleepwear and Bedding


CS: Ostomy Pouch Covers


Grandma’s Hands: Ostomy and Urostomy Covers


HAPARI: Mastectomy-Friendly Swimwear


Haralee: Moisture-wicking Sleepwear and Bedding


HysterSisters: Woman-to-Woman Hysterectomy Support


Juzo: Compression Sleeves and Stockings


LympheDIVAs: Fashionable Compression Sleeves 


Na’ Scent: Ostomy Odor Control


Ostomy Secrets: Panties, Wraps and Swimwear


Pink Lotus: Billow Heart Breast Pillow


Pink Pepper Co: Mastectomy Chest Pillow with a Shield, U Supports and Wings


Post Op Panty: Post-Operative Compression Panties


Radiant Wrap: Fashionable Clothing During Radiation Treatment


Reboundwear: Post-Surgical Tops, Jackets, Pants, and Hospital Gowns, endorsed by medical professionals


Sleek Sleeves: PICC Line Covers


Stealth Belt: Ostomy Wraps and Belts


The Brobe: Post Recovery Attire


Vegan Ostomy: Tips, Care and Resources


Wigs to Wellness & The Mastectomy Boutique: Seat Belt Cushions


Dermaflage Scar and Wrinkle Filler, Scar Removal Cream


Jean’s Cream: Radiation Burns


Lindi Skin: Chemo and Radiation Skincare


Mederma: Scar Cream


Ocean Bottom Soap Company: Organic and Chemical-Free Products


Scar Away: Sheets & Gels


Soap Chef: Organic and Chemical-Free Products


BeautyCounter: Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free Cosmetics


GrandeLASH-MD: Eyelash Growth Serum


LashyBrows: Eyebrow Wigs


Latisse: Eyelash Growth Serum


Look Good Feel Better Program: Beauty Techniques


NaturaLash: Eyebrow Wigs


Rapid Brow: Eyebrow Enhancing Serum


RMS Beauty: Non-Toxic, Chemical Free Cosmetics


SurvivorEyes: Brow Styling Kits


American Breast Care: Breast Prostheses, Bras, and Post Mastectomy Healing Kits


Nordstrom: Breast Prosthesis Program

Painted Halos: Hand Painted Custom Artisan Areolas


Pink Perfect: Custom-Made Prosthetic Nipples


Prairie Wear: Post-Surgical Bras & Binders


Wigs to Wellness & The Mastectomy Boutique: Breast Pillows


Biotene: Dry Mouth, Mouth Sores, Oral Thrush


Pacific Medical Training: Physical First Aid for Patients

Penguin Cold Caps: Hair Loss from Chemo


Sea-band: Nausea


Térapo Médik Well Being Care Kit: Hair and Scalp Care During and After Treatment


American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT): Sex Therapists


American Cancer Society: Sex and The Woman With Cancer


Anne Katz, Dr.: Sex Expert For People With Cancer


Astroglide: Vaginal Lubricant

K-Y SILKE-E: Vaginal Moisturizer


Livestrong: Female Sexual Health After Cancer


National Association of Social Workers (NASW): Sex Therapists


National Cancer Institute: Self Image and Sexuality


Replens Silky Smooth: Vaginal Moisturizer


Stupid Cancer: Young Adult Cancer Advocacy, Research, and Support


YES – The Organic Intimacy Company: Plant-Based Vaginal Moisturizers and Lubricants


Artizara: Hijabs/ Islam Headwear


Envy Wigs: Envy and Sherri Shepard Wigs


Fortune Wigs: Kosher Wigs


Headline It: No Sweat Wig Liners


Jon Renau: Wigs and Headwear


The Wig Fix: Gripper Band


Tichel Volumizer: Pre-Padded Cap


Truly You Hair Solution Centre: Custom Made Wigs


Vivica Fox: Wigs


Wrapunzel: Tichels/Jewish Headwear


Canadian Cancer Society: Discussion, support and exchange of information (Canada)

CancerCare: Free Counselling, Education, Support Services & Resources, In-Person and Online (US)

National Cancer Institute: Patient Education Publications

Pacific Medical Training: Emotional First Aid for People With Cancer

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