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What Women Are Saying About Healing Pretty 


"Your medical team gives you all the information they have, but it’s the things in between, like what do I do when my hair falls out? Do I just let it all fall out, or do I shave it? What am I going to do without boobs? It’s these things we take for granted every day that suddenly become such a huge part of your life. The focus was I need to get better, but how do I not lose myself in the process? When I was diagnosed at only 23 years old, I wish I’d had this book.”

Jill Laframboise
Cancer Warrior, Windsor Canada

“The number one concern women have is the lack of information on what to expect. And no credible sources with tools and resources to cope with the many esthetic and related side effects. Healing Pretty bridges the information gaps and provides trustworthy and reliable information, all in one place. This invites women to be active participants in their care, eases their anxiety, and contributes to better health outcomes.”

Former Regional Cancer Program Patient-Centred Care Lead, and Chair, Patient & Family Advisory Council, Windsor Canada

"When my best friend was diagnosed, I reached out to Jackie who gave me a pre-release copy of Healing Pretty. I made  list of all the resources an put together a gift basket of the recommended skincare lotions, candies, and comfort accessories. It made me feel great that I could do something meaningful for my best friend. Healing Pretty was a godsend."

Warren, Michigan

“Engaging. Empowering. Enlightening. Three words that not only describe Healing Pretty but also the author. Her passion and commitment to those diagnosed with cancer are evident in all that she does. Healing Pretty is a warm, big, loving hug. It allows the reader to feel like someone is there for them and understands what they are going through. Thank you, Jackie, for loving patients through it.”

Executive Director, Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation

“Healing Pretty was the best gift I received during my treatment. I was terrified of what I found on the internet. This book kept it simple and to the point without all the medical terms and confusing lingo. It was light reading so I could read while waiting for appointments, and it gave me all the tools I needed to help me through my treatment process.”

Rachel Spadotto
Cancer Warrior, Windsor Canada

"Thank you for providing something that is lighthearted, complete, honest, and informative. Healing Pretty explores a variety of cancers that many women will relate to based on their own diagnosis."

Cancer Warrior, Windsor Canada

"Healing Pretty is FABULOUS! It will definitely be my go-to gift for women going through cancer treatment. It is so practical and well laid out. Congratulations to all involved.”

Assistant Director, WE-SPARK Health Institute, Windsor Canada

“This is the best gift you can get someone with cancer. I gave a copy as a gift to my girlfriend who was just diagnosed. Healing Pretty helped her everyday in her struggle to understand her life now, and helped her get back her self-esteem and self-worth.”

"Jackie, your book arrived and I gave it to my friend to take to his daughter yesterday. This is what he sent back to me: Courtney loves the book, she said it's the best one she's seen so far. Thank you for finding your calling. God bless!"

Little Rock, Arkansas
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